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Marks Foam Roller Fitness and Strength Training Class in Dallas,Tx


My STRETCH Foam Roller Class in Dallas

Welcome to the first foam rolling fitness class in Dallas! Our methods that combine the unique Atlas Foam Rolling Stretch techniques with stretching and strength training have been proven to work. In as little as a single session our clients have and you will see an increase in the distance you are able to “Sitand-Reach” in a single session! What does that mean? The STRETCH class will improve your overall flexibility and range-of-motion in one session! We start the class by ROLLING “tightness” OUT of the equation so you can achieve your full fitness potential.
What would the benefits of Mark’s Foam Rolling Fitness and Strength Training class be? What do we offer you that the other group fitness classes do not? First, we use our patented Foam Roller with handles to make foam rolling more fun and challenging, then we combine the challenges of Atlas Foam Roller along with the other novel exercise equipment and technique(s) never before seen at other studios. Our methods, whether it is wall-foam rolling or the traditional “floor foam rolling” techniques, all methods will improve core strength, balance, endurance and coordination. Our focus targets your ability to “loosen-up” those tight muscles by integrating novel self-myofascial techniques coupled to plyometric stretching and strength training. Our goal is to make sure you feel good throughout our class, including the dreaded 48-hour post-workout rest period. My signature method of “Active Stretching” makes all this possible. So if you are curious please sign up!
Our “Active Stretching” methods combine strength training and foam rolling together to reduce the dreaded “delayed-onset-muscle-soreness.” Both classes, the intense 40-minute “Strictly Foam Rolling” class and the 1-hour “Mark’s Foam Rolling Fitness and Strength Training” will increase your overall range-of-motion, re-align your knotted up muscles and joints. The 40-minute “Foam Rolling Fitness” class focuses on targeted foam rolling and core building techniques. Many of our clients foam roll for 40-minutes before or after work or even during their lunch break to feel relaxed and refreshed. Our challenging 1-hour “combines the best of foam rolling with our “Strength Training Class” adding in fullbody resistance training for a full body workout.


  1. Your Hidden Survival Muscle (Pop Quiz)


    There's a muscle in your body that is an indicator
    of the strength and health of your whole body.

    It's been called your body's most powerful hidden
    survival muscle.

    If it's too tight, undertrained or locked up it can
    contribute to issues such as:

    + Nagging Joint Pain
    + Bad Posture
    + Trouble Sleeping
    + Sluggishness
    + High Anxiety
    + Digestive Problems
    + Weakened Immune System
    + Circulatory Issues
    + Loss of Sexual-Performance
    + Lack of Explosiveness in the Gym

    Those are some nasty problems, but when you
    unlock this muscle there are many amazing
    health benefits.

    Here's your quiz. Which muscle do you think
    we're describing in this email?

    1: Gluteus Maximus
    2: Your Heart
    3: The Psoas (Hip Flexors)
    4: The Masseter

    Let me know if you get it right.

    Sign Off

    P.S. The answer can be found on this page.


  2. A regular client reported that they felt the benefits of the treatment for longer after I used the oil. As for massage, a little oil goes a long way and does not dry out quickly which is great as I am able to spend more time hands-on. Massage Prague


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