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Health Benefits of Foam Rolling & Why It Is The Healthiest Activity in 2019

"Foam rolling is not all about just grab your foam roller and roll-out in a gym! You can foam roll anywhere at anytime you have pain."

What are the benefits of foam rolling?
The benefits of foam rolling is wrapped up in a pretty simple concise statement, "it's better to foam roll then not to foam roll." Foam rolling has been around for thousands of years. Foam rolling began under and throughout different Chinese dynasties under the auspices of the practice of Qi Gong. In fact QiGong was the very first type of stretching and body manipulation that improved the quality of lives that devoted their lives to QiGong exercise. If you're unfamiliar with what QiGong is please follow this link and you will discover briefly what Qi Gong is all about.

What Are The Benefits of Foam Rolling?

First foam rolling improves posture.

Foam rolling improves circulation.
Foam rolling increases flexibility.
Foam rolling improves overall range of motion.
Foam rolling improves systemic circulation.
From mowing the improves the ability for lymph sub-cutanious tissue to move around.
I'm really improves the ability for oxygen uptake of the cells through a relaxation of the faccia.
Foam rolling excites the nervous system.
Foam rolling distributes overall lymph fluid and recirculates interstitial fluid.
foam rolling releases deep endorphins and healing factors that are embedded within convoluted or non excited muscle tissue.
foam rolling improves joint health and joint healing through manipulation of the muscles does the joints.
Foam rolling also reduces general for overall stress.
Foam rolling can improve a capacity to take a deeper breath through relaxation of the back or spine muscles.
Foam rolling can help breathing effort through relaxation of the intercostal muscles.
Foam rolling cannot cure any type of diseases related to the spine, back, muscle, subcutaneous tissue, interstitial circulation or any other metabolic disease.
Foam rolling can improve overall quality of life even if you have any type of musculoskeletal disease and or disorder. Foam rolling is for everyone. You can combine foam rolling, stretching, daily meditation, deep prayer, reflexology practices, texting on the phone, phone conferences, studying, sleeping, or any other very slow moving recovery or general activity that requires postural support throughout that activity. Foam rolling is not all about just grab your foam roller and phone with the gym you can foam roll anywhere that you desire.
We recommend having a general open space however a very small confined space will suffice. You do not need a lot of room to foam roll or compress any muscle of concern. All you need is a high quality foam roller and the motivation to live a happier healthier pain free life.We are not saying that you will live without pain absolutely! Our bold claims suggest that understanding how to implement a successful high quality foam rolling session throughout the day can prevent those debilitating muscle or joint pains that keep you from bending and moving. Why would you suffer living with chronic back pain without a foam roller?Let's pretend that you just bent down to pick up a heavy box and injured your back! What are your next steps?
Call the ambulance ($900)
call for doctor appointment ($100-$500)
take prescription medications ($50-$200)
nothing just suffer (>$1000 over lifetime)
foam roll ($20-$100 1 time payment)
Is Foam Rolling Necessary?

Foam rolling is an essential part of a healthy daily routine. Do you wake up in the morning and shower? Do you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth? Do you put your contacts in? When you try to correct your teeth to retain the order of your teeth or do you have braces that keeps them in line? If the answer is yes to most or all of these ideas, foam rolling should be a part of your daily routine. The reason foam rolling is such a beneficial activity is because it helps to improve spine related compromises that you may have accumulated throughout your busy day or entire week!


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